Fire Station Fairland

105 S. Walnut St.
PO Box 225
Fairland, IN 46126
317-835-4205 (non-emergency)


Search and Rescue (SAR)

One of the less frequently used, but by no means less demanding, services of the Fairland Volunteer Fire Department is our search and rescue capability.  We work in cooperation with local law enforcement and other agencies to help locate potentially missing persons.


We also have two members trained in swiftwater rescue techniques.  These members work in conjunction with Shelby County's established water rescue team whenever it is necessary to rescue someone from water.  Pools, lakes, rivers, floodplains, etc. are all within their line of work.


Several of our members have significant background and training in rope rescue techniques.  These skills come in handy whenever terrain or structural considerations require raising or lowering of personnel or gear, providing safety lines for members working at heights or any other time when a rope system is handy for rescue operations.




Email Contact: Todd Trimble