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Fire Prevention and Education

What’s the number one thing you can do to protect your family in case of a fire in your home?  Educate ALL the members of your household about fire.  It’s simple; people who know what to do in case of a fire are better prepared and more likely to survive than those who don’t.

This page and those that can be reached from here are designed and selected to best equip you and your family to prevent the disaster of a fire in your home and react properly if one should occur.  Please take some time to study the material provided and return often to keep up on changes and developments.

Before we get started, let me say this…you’ve heard a lot of this stuff before.  It starts to sound cliché after a while, and you might think I’m talking to you as if you were a child.  Please don’t get offended.  A lot of this stuff really is as simple as it sounds, but until everyone knows it and everyone does it, firefighters are going to keep saying it.  And we’re going to keep saying it in simple terms so that children can understand.  Because well educated children grow up to be well educated adults who educate their children and the cycle continues and grows…

First and foremost – equip your house with smoke detectors.  Why?  How?  The US Fire Administration has all the answers…
     Smoke detectors save more lives each night than you care to count.  The simple fact is that you probably won’t wake up if there is a fire in your home while you are sleeping and you don’t have properly installed and functioning smoke detectors.  The gasses that form smoke have a dulling affect on your senses.  You won’t smell the smoke and you won’t hear the crackle of fire.  You will be overcome by toxic gasses and suffocate.
     The loud, repetitive beep of a properly installed and functioning smoke detector, however, is usually enough to wake a sleeping individual before they are overcome by smoke.  Some companies even offer detectors and alarm systems that can be connected to flashing lights, buzzers, telephones, bed shakers, etc. to increase the warning power for you and your family.  Shop around, ask manufacturers and salesmen, and find the detector best suited for your needs.  But please, get some detectors in your home and increase the safety of your family.

What to do if your smoke detector sounds – leave!
     Now that we’ve convinced you to get smoke detectors, let them do their job.  If a smoke detector activates, it’s not just trying to be a nuisance.  It’s trying to save your life and the lives of your family.  This is especially important if there are children in your household.
     Children learn most of what they know about how to act and react in certain situations by watching the adults around them.  If you take every activation of your smoke detectors seriously, so too will your children.  Yes, there are times when a cooking mistake or an especially steamy shower will activate your detectors when, in reality, there’s no danger to those in your home.  But if you ignore or pass off as unimportant these “false alarms”, your children will be learning that the alarm of the smoke detector isn’t to be taken too seriously.
     What do I suggest?  Any time your detector activates, perform your home evacuation plan with your family.  If you are absolutely certain that overcooked food or a steamy shower caused the alarm, maybe have your spouse or mature child lead the evacuation for the family while you remedy the smoke/steam situation.  This will provide practice that could be lifesaving should the detector ever alert because of a real emergency.  However, if you have any doubts about the cause of the alarm, evacuate with your family and call 911 from a safe location.
     Firefighters are a particularly understanding bunch.  If it turns out that you evacuated your house and called us because Dad forgot about the pot roast Mom told him to keep an eye on, we promise not to make it front page news or call all your neighbors and tell them to laugh at you.  We’d much rather you be safe instead of sorry.  Remember, if you make a habit of treating detector activations as nothing to worry about, so will your children.


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