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Firefighter Assistance and Search Team Training Was Fun and Informative

28 March 2002
Todd Trimble

If you missed training last Saturday, you missed a good one!  Most importantly, we learned a lot about firefighter safety.  But most notably, we had a good time doing it!  (Sure, we were all sore for a day and a half afterwards, but…)

Thank you to our instructor for the day, Captain Kerry O’Haver from South Bend Fire!  Captain O’Haver taught us a lot about protecting and saving our brother and sister firefighters when disaster strikes.  His teaching methods were top-notch, and it’s clear he both knows and cares a lot about helping firefighters rescue firefighters in times of need.

Thank you also to the men and women of the Moral Township Volunteer Fire Department who participated.  Stronger bonds are built between our two departments every time we work together, and this training was no exception.  I’m sure talks will ensue between our department officers about how to do more similar training in the future…

Below are the photos we had time to take.  These are low-resolution, cropped, brightness adjusted thumbnails.  Click on a picture to see the original.  (NOTE:  The originals were taken in much higher resolution.  They look cleaner, but they’ll take a bit to load on some slower connections.  They are also not brightness adjusted, so a lot of details are lost in the darkness.  Either run them through your favorite photo editor, or email me your special request and I’ll see what I can do.)

Feel free to grab these thumbnails and/or the originals for whatever uses you dream up.  If you dream up a particularly good one, let me know and I’ll share it with the firefighters pictured.

One firefighter works to get the SCBA off of another firefighter so he can be passed through this wall.

A big man squeezes through a little hole.

Same hole, different firefighter.

Firefighters just don’t understand ice fishing…

…or maybe they do!  Looks like a pretty good catch!

Ok, boys.  Who’s next?

Don’t get too comfortable down there, Chief…

…because you’re coming right back out the way you went in.

Never let them tell you the Chief can’t count to three.


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