Fire Station Fairland

105 S. Walnut St.
PO Box 225
Fairland, IN 46126
317-835-4205 (non-emergency)



Far and away, the majority of emergency calls we handle are medical runs.  The Fairland Volunteer Fire Department provides what is officially known as a “BLS, non-transport” service.  What that means to you and me is that we have a staff of personnel trained in basic life support (BLS) procedures, and we do not transport patients to a hospital (non-transport).  The Shelbyville Fire Department provides the primary transporting ambulance service in Shelby County.  Whenever a medical emergency is reported in our area, we respond in cooperation with an ambulance from Shelbyville.  Our personnel are trained and equipped to arrive earlier than the ambulance and perform immediate basic life support services until the arrival of the ambulance.




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